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Skutt Kilns

Skutt Micro Scarab

Developed to meet the specific needs of the Boro flameworker

Skutt Micro Scarab
List Price: $1,995
Our Low Price: $1,845
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The Micro Scarab is perfect for flameworkers who are starting out or are just working with smaller projects. It runs on common household 120V service so you can plug it in just about anywhere. If affordability and portability are important to you, this could be your perfect Scarab model.

Features of The Skutt Micro Scarab
See Marcel Braun outline the details and features of the Scarab
Many of these features are shared with the Micro Scarab
such as the GlassMaster 33 controller

Primary point rests The Controller
  • The software for the COE Controller was developed with input from Flameworker Marcel Braun to fit the specific needs of the Boro Flameworker.
  • It can be easy as pressing Go to start working and Go twice to anneal your piece and call it a night.
  • The Controller is programmed to heat to 1100° F but you can set it for whatever temperature you want.
  • You can choose between the 3 preset Annealing programs or creat your own.
  • Marcel knows how important it is to know how long your piece is at the set point temperature. That is why he programmed a feature in the controller that tells you exactly that amount of time. If you dip below that temperature it waits until it is back to set point and restarts the clock.
  • It also includes built in striking and repair programs.

Primary point rests Primary Point Rest

The Primary Point rest is designed to slide up and down to support your rods and tubes. If your handles are extremely long we would suggest adding the Optional Secondary Point Rest which extends further out from the kiln and is fully adjustable up and down.

When you are ready to anneal you slide the point rest up tight against the doggie door to seal off the chamber.

The point rest is constructed of solid brick and stainless steel for maximum life. To operate them simply loosen the the knob, slide the rest to the position desired and tighten the knob. It was specifically designed to be a one hand operation so you can hold your glass with the other hand.

Removable Chassis Removable Chassis

Let’s face it, these kilns are heavy!. The last thing you want to do is to start wrestling around with them to get at a component that needs to be replaced. All Scarab kilns are designed with a Removable Chassis which holds all the main electrical and electronic components. Just remove the screws that hold it in place and slide it out. You can even disconnect the power cord and ship the whole thing back to Skutt for testing if necessary.

One of the most problematic components of kilns has traditionally been the relays. Mechanical relays have a limited life which is why Skutt has upgraded all Scarab Kilns with Solid State Relays. These relays or kept cool with a fan mounted in the side of the kiln (not necessary on the Mini Scarab because the Amps are so low).

Secondary point rest Optional Secondary Point Rest

The Optional Secondary Point Rests, another unique design of Marcel Braun, are generally ordered on just about every Scarab that goes out. Flameworkers love its ability to hold long handles, preventing their work from popping up off the floor. Its well thought out design allows you to move the rest to almost any position you want. It not only moves in and out but also moves up and down. The scalloped edge ensures that your rods will stay in place.

Comes with kiln free of charge
Additional Features:
  • Designed by renowned artist Marcel Braun
  • GlassMaster 33 controller - up to 4 custom programs with up to 8 segments per program
  • Controller made specifically for annealing borosilicate glass
  • Removable electronics chassis
  • Solid state relays
  • Low Mass Type K Thermocouple
  • Simple to use point rest
  • Secondary point rest
  • Household voltage
  • See table at bottom of page for technical specifications
Item Description Price
Skutt Micro Scarab
Skutt Micro Scarab
Drop shipped from the Manufacturer.
4-6 weeks delivery. Shipping costs to be determined at time of order processing

List Price:

Our Low Price: $1,645

click here to purchase Includes secondary point rest free of charge
Optional Stand

Often times you may want to move your kiln to clean under it or just get it out of the way when it is not being used. Think how nice it would be to get that car in the garage every once in a while.

These stands are constructed of heavy duty square tubing and are equipped with high quality locking steel castors that won’t develop flat spots if they sit too long unlike plastic or rubber wheels. They also have a convenient, built in, expanded metal tray that will catch falling glass and provides a place for your tools. Finally, they provide  the recommended clearances from the kiln to the floor.

List Price:

Our Low Price:

click here to purchase

Kiln Type Front Loading Square
Sides 4
Understanding Chamber Measurements kiln dementions
Chamber Volume 0.5 cu ft
14.16 liters
Chamber Width 12 in
304.8 mm
Chamber Depth 9.25 in
235 mm
Chamber Height 7.5 in
190.5 mm
Ship Weight 120 lbs.
54.4 kg.
Ship Dimensions 28W X 28L X 41H inches
712W X 712L X 1042H mm
Max. Temperature 1700°F
Amps 14.3
Phase 1
Watts 1650W
Nema 5-15
Breaker Size 20 AMP
Circuit Copper Wire Size 12
Voltage 120V
Hertz (Thermocouple) 60 Mhz
Disclaimer: The specifications above assume that the kiln will be plugged into a dedicated circuit. Local electric codes supersede our recommendations. Consult your local electrician for your specific installation. The pricing and electrical specifications for the above products reflect their design for use in the United States. If you are ordering from Outside of the United States you need to verify your individual requirements such as voltage, safety requirements, etc. Just give us a call and we'll help you work it all out.
This Kiln Ships Via Freight

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