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Since 1975

Some of us at Sundance
The crew.

Brian, our boss, and a student sharing the same hair (no joke). Guess who is who.

Our professional staff are eagerly waiting to assist you! (The guys out back) From Left To Right
Manou - Manufacturing Tools
Mike - Welding
John - Manufacturing, Kiln Repair
Brendon - manufacturing

Hissain - One of our many Tool Makers

Bill - Actually a Smerf in Disguise

Myrna - our bookkeeper - with us for 20 years

Andy - in sales
Mike - on the road but still doing manufacturing for us
(I'm jealous - I want to pack up everything I own in a truck and hit the road!)

John - all packed up, leaving the nest to travel the world and spread his wild oats.

Our UPS guy, Rob, always an excuse why he's late.

Yes even the boss gets his hands dirty once in a while.

Michele - Web Maintenance and Design

(Michele's daughter, Tyler)

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