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6052 Foster Rd, Paradise, CA 95969
I placed an order last week and talked to Tony and he was so helpful and took the time to check for exactly what I needed. I couldn't have been happier with your customer service while I was placing my order.
I received my order today and I am sooooooo happy with your product and service, packing etc. Everything was wonderful. Even though I had a small order, it was an important order and I couldn't be happier.
Thank you again for such wonderful customer service and wonderful clean product, quick shipping and the best packing!
Anderson, IN 2006

Hi, I ordered some tools etc from you and just wanted to say Thanks!! All of the tools are of high quality. I have ordered other stuff from a few other companies and your tools are the best!! I just wanted to say Thank you. I will order supplies from you as needed. Thanks again. Dustin Beers 12/2005
    I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your website. It is chocked full
    of useful goodies and it is great to see pricing information included.
    So many sites don't include this data, but it helps the customer out
    when trying to figure out the budget needed to continue the eternal
    quest of burning glass!
    Also, I've been in the store and the staff is always friendly and
    courteous. Keep up the good work.
    Best Regards,
    Mike Resso from Sonoma

GREAT WEB SITE! It's what got me me hooked. - Julie Peck
I like your site, there are a lot of pictures and it's really easy to find exactly what I'm looking for! - Brian B.
First of all I would like to say that I'm fascinated with glassblowing. I've looked at several websites and yours is the best I've seen. Keep up the good work! - Nayro  
  First of all I would like to say, the layout on your webpage is phenominal. I don't know how many times I have fought with the internet and websites to get information I wanted, but there wasn't any struggle with yours. Give your webmaster a big pat on the back. - Eli
You guys at Sundance have been a big help in getting me the right tools I need for the job. I've talked to a few companies before who weren't much help. Great customer service. Thanks! - Farrow
Hi, I'm thankful for websites like yours! I'm just getting into lampworking and glassblowing. Your site has made it easier for me to familiarize myself with tools and the safer way to use them. Thank you for your help. I will be ordering. Thanks again. - Mrs. Fields 6/27/01
I purchased everything I needed to set up my studio. One minor mix up that was solved instantly and without complaint. I am very happy with the selection, service and prices at Sundance. When people mention other (no names) inferior glass supply companies, I tell them not to waste their time. Thank you! - Irene F.
Man, this is a great site! Are you telling me there's an actual store, I mean unvirtual, with all kinds of this "stuff" in it? I just wanted to express myself and I'll be back to order some things!! - Ross W
If you choose to E-Mail us, because of the volume of E-Mail, please expect to wait for an answer. We actually prefer that you call us on our toll free phone lines. But if you are looking at this right now, and we are closed, you are welcome to E-Mail us at contactus@sundanceglass.com

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