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Beautiful Beading


Book: Beautiful Beading. Designs for handmade beads, jewelry and decorative objects.

Designs for Handmade Beads, Jewelry & Decorative Objects

Get started with great ideas on where to buy beads; which tools and thread to use; and techniques, including wiring, threading, hand and loom weaving, sticking, and embroidering. Make your own beads from polymer clays, paper Mache, metal and plastic. With detailed diagrams. “Nice projects, appealing and clearly presented with instructions that give confidence.”—Textile Fiber Forum. 8 1/2 X 8 1/2. all in color

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Table of Contents
  • History of beads
  • Getting started
Chapter 1:Beads
  • Making Beads:
    • Polymer clay: Fimo, Sculpery, Cernit
    • Shaping and collaging: "Polymer clay can be shaped by hand into truly original figures."
    • Using a mold
    • Air dry clay
    • Wire: Making beads, pendants, and spacer beads from wire.
    • "Gizmo": Using the patented "Gizmo" to make wire winding easier.
    • Copper sheet: Make beautiful beads from copper sheeting.
    • Wooden doweling: Making beads from wooden doweling.
    • Paper: Make inexpensive, colorful beads that are wonderfully light to wear!
  • Decorating Beads:
    • Friendly plastic: Easy and safe to use, and a wonderful variety of colors to choose from.
    • Papier mache
    • String: Using string in beads.
Chapter 2:Making Jewelry
  • Projects:
    • Bird and beads necklace and earrings: Basic techniques.
    • Braided necklace and earrings: Creating jewelry with multiple strands of beads.
    • Knots necklace: Incorporating thread knotting, macrame style, into beading.
    • Clay beads necklace: Working with thread so that just a few beads are needed.
    • Copper pendant: Using wire working with copper beads.
    • Paper bead chain: More advanced wire working techniques.
    • Wrapped stone pendant: Incorporate solid stones, gems, glass, or other items with wire wrapping.
    • Amethyst earrings and bracelet: Another advanced jewelry making technique.
    • Striped woven bracelet: Using a beadloom.
    • Aquamarine chip choker: An intricate weaving style.
    • Turquoise and silver multistrand necklace: Using simple techniques for dramatic results.
Chapter 3:Decorating Objects
  • Projects
    • Windchimes
    • Daisy candle holder
    • Kitsch frame
    • Tiara frame: Using wiring and beading to add a tiara to a frame.
    • Napkin ring and decorated jug
    • Beaded slippers
    • Fringed scarf
    • Evening bag
    • Terracotta pot: Embellish your pots with your new wiring and beading skills.
Chapter 4:Explanatory Diagrams
  • Additional tips:
    • Buttonhole stitch, overhand knot, half knot, square knot, securing loops, weaving on a loom, flat gourd stitch, gourd stitch, honeycomb weave
Chapter 5:Index

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