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Craft Business Book. Turn your hoppy into a profitable business. $24.95

Craft Business

Turn your hobby into a profitable business. This oversize, all-color reference by the creator of the National Buyers Markets of American Crafts and publisher of American Style is filled with firsthand success stories, and dozens of practical worksheets. See how to develop and design your product, outline business plans, deal with copyright, find your likely customer, price correctly, interpret trends, and create publicity. 8 1/2 X 11. all in color $24.95

 Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Getting Started

  • The Big Decision
  • Joining the Community
  • Helping Others
  • Primitive Twig
  • The History of Crafts
  • Business Start-up
  • The Growing Crafts of Economy
  • Tamarack
  • The Road Ahead
  • America's First Lady, Hillary Rodham Clinton
  • Beginner's Checklist
  • Office Checklist

Chapter 2: Business Basics

  • Your Business Plan
  • Writing Your Plan
  • Rick Faulkner--Barrick Design
  • Outline for Your Business Plan's Table of Contents
  • Patents and Copyrights: Uses in Crafts
  • Methods of Payment
  • US Patents and Copyrights Made Easy
  • Credit and Collections
  • Liztech--Jill Elizabeth and Scott MacLaren
  • The Value of the Uncollected Bill
  • Credit Collection--Tips from Steve Rosen
  • Approximate Cost for the Service
  • Guy MacDonald--Merchant Services
  • Collections Approach
  • Credit Application Form
  • Steve's Red Flags of Credi Risks
  • Six Steps to Choosing a Lawyer and an Accountant
  • Finding the Right Professional
  • Nine Questions to Ask Yourself about Your Lawyer or Accountant
  • Choosing a Computer System for Your Business
  • Creating a Database
  • The Incredible Internet
  • Computer Resources
  • Business Software Programs at a Glance
  • Working with the Worldwide Web
  • A Typical Website
  • Ten Rules for Sources on the Web
  • Start-Up Costs

Chapter 3: Your Customer

  • Who is Your Customer?
  • Tune in to Your Customers
  • Courtney and Lee Peterson--Courtney Designs
  • The New Collector
  • Trends and Forecasting
  • Retail Client Information
  • Eight Trends for Today
  • Trend Resources
  • Ten Ways to find New Directions for Your Work
  • Donna Milstein--Hanson Galleries

Chapter 4: Product Development

  • The Relationship Between You and Your Work
  • Product Value
  • Barry Leader--Raintree Carvings
  • Psychological Aspects of Product Value
  • What Adds Value?
  • Sandra Magsamen--Table Tiles
  • Offering the Retailer Customized Products--Alexander Thomas
  • The Task of Product Design
  • Evaluating a New Product
  • Gary Rosenthal--Judaica
  • The Creative Curve
  • Finding New Markets
  • Tome Torrens--Torrens Design
  • Monika Turtle--Fashion Market

Chapter 5: Pricing

  • Pricing
  • Thomas Mann--Thomas Mann Designs
  • Clarksville Pottery and Galleries
  • Profitable (& Expanding) Categories for Clarksville Pottery
  • My Pricing Policy
  • Formula for Pricing
  • Overhead Costs Form
  • Selling Costs Form

Chapter 6: Networking

  • How Networking Benefits You
  • Newsgroups and E-news
  • Sergio Lub--On-Approval Co-Op
  • The Mill Centre--A Model Community For Artisans
  • The Craft Emergency Relief Fund
  • Linda Kaye-Moses--Social Action

Chapter 7: Your Image

  • Designing Dynamic Promotional Materials
  • Ray Tracey--Tracey Ltd.
  • The Elements of a Good Press Release
  • Targeting the Right Publications and Writers
  • Sample Press Release
  • Press Kit as a Marketing Tool
  • Resource Suggestions
  • Getting Attention from the Media
  • Press Information Management
  • Publicity Worksheet
  • Designing a PR Campaign
  • The Value of Newsletters
  • Scheduling Publicity for an Event
  • Direct Mail
  • Bradley Cross--Harmony Hollow Bellworks
  • Hang Tag Tips
  • The Benefit of Postcards
  • Advertising WORKS!
  • Creating a Brochure
  • Your PR and Marketing Needs

Chapter 8: Retail Craft Fairs

  • Applying to a Craft Show
  • Displays and Exhibits--FB Fogg: Advice from an Artist
  • Top US Shows & Festivals
  • What You Need to Know about Juried Shows
  • Submitting, Organizing & Storing Your Slides
  • Photographic Tips
  • Alan Revere--A Veteran Judge of Juried Shows Gives the Scoop
  • The Jury Process--Rick Faulkner
  • A Few Tips for Jury Slides
  • Finding Retail Shows that Meet Your Needs
  • Where to Find Craft Fairs
  • The Pros and Cons of Craft Fairs
  • What's a Good Jury Slide?
  • Photography Agreement
  • What to Pack for a Show
  • Before Applying to a Show
  • Are You Making Money
  • Chapter 9 -Trade Shows
  • Pre-Show Planning
  • Selecting a Show
  • Effective Exhibits
  • Booth Display--Thomas Roy Markusen
  • Specialized Fairs--Barbara Sexton Designs
  • Advance Planning
  • Art of Selling--Bruce Baker
  • Trade Show Promotion
  • Display Companies
  • Mar & David Marcotte & Greg Geyer
  • Trade Show Selling
  • Selling Sidelights
  • Superbuyer

Chapter 10: Gallery Relationships

  • Getting to Know Retailers
  • Arthur and Donna Grohe--Signature Stores, Inc.
  • Signature Looks For
  • Types of Galleries and Shops
  • Laura Kauffman--The Art Resource, Inc.
  • The Art of the Deal
  • How to Live with Exclusivity Policies
  • Other Retail Customers
  • Artifax--Stephen & Patricia Swan
  • Some Criteria for Exclusivity
  • Customer Survey--Phil Jurus
  • Getting to Know Museums
  • Tips from a Top 10 Retailer
  • Lynn Allinger and Gary Stam--Craft Company No. 6
  • Customer Service
  • Outline of Understanding

Chapter 11: Family Business

  • Crafts: A Business to Keep in the Family
  • Keys to Combining Family and Business
  • Kyle McKeown Mansfield--Kyle Design
  • Spouses and the Craft Professional
  • Children and the Craft Professional
  • Wayne Reynolds and Caryn Fried--Living the Dream
  • Artist-Friendsly Places to Live
  • The Clay Pot--Bob, Sally and Tara Silberberg
  • The Last Word
  • Top Art Cities USA

Chapter 12: Resources

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