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Flameworking: Creating Glass Beads, Sculptures & Functional Objects - an instructional lampworking book.


Creating Glass Beads, Sculptures & Functional Objects.

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A How-To book. Full of pictures with all-color photos. 150 pages From the Author: Learn to manipulate hotglass to make beautiful flameworked shapes and objects that you'll assemble into larger and sculptural and functional pieces. The techniques are the most accessible way to begin working with hotglass and are fully explained in this groundbreaking book. If you already have some experience, you'll find many new flameworking techniques with which to express your artistic vision. The detailed and easy to follow exercises, brought to life by sophisticated projects, will enable you to build a series of skills with each one you complete.
Photo of inside pages: Flameworking: Creating Glass Beads, Sculptures & Functional Objects - an instructional lampworking book. book-lampworking-glassblowing-torch-flameworked-glass

book-lampworking-glassblowing-torch-flameworked-glass book-lampworking-glassblowing-torch-flameworked-glass







Table of Contents
  • Glass Basics
  • Setting up your Studio
  • Healing "Devit," Creases, and Cracks
  • Color, Glorious Color!
  • Glass Rods and Tubing
The Exercises
    • Exercise 1: Making Gathers, Experimenting with Gravity, and Fusing Rods
    • Exercise 2: Making a Leaf and Variations
    • Exercise 3: Embellishing
    • Exercise 4: Making Marias and Transitional Shapes
    • Exercise 5: Casing a Clear Rod with Color
    • Exercise 6: Making a Heart Shape
    • Exercise 7: Making a Fish Shape with Frit
    • Exercise 8: Making a Flower
    • Exercise 9: Making Icicles with Stripes
    • Exercise 10: Working with Tubing
    • Exercise 11: Making a Candleholder
The Projects
    • Project 1: Versatile Plant Stakes
    • Project 2: Flowers with leaves and Stems
    • Project 3: Colorful Sun catcher
    • Project 4: Kinetic Leaf Mobile
    • Project 5: Candlestick with Transitional Shapes
    • Project 6: Decorative Glass Candles
    • Project 7: Beads as Glass Sculpture
    • Project 8: Tall Candlestick with Fish Motif
    • Project 9: Heart Wall Sculpture
    • Project 10: Flower Candleholder
    • Project 11: Fish Sculpture
Gallery Glossary Acknowledgments About the Author Index 

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