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Glass Beadmaking lampworking book.

The Complete Book of Glass Beadmaking

by Kimberly Adams

How to make glass beads cover to cover.

176 Pages


Full Color

Every eye-catching photo in this superb guide to a popular craft will inspire, instruct, and attract beadmakers. It's beautiful, easy to follow, and one-of-a-kind. Starting with the basics: how to light the torch, wind and cool the bead, and shape the glass into barrels, cones, and discs: intermediate techniques, using foil, leaf and mica flakes: To advanced projects like floral and sculptural beads and encasing faces. An absolute must have for all beadmakers!

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Glass Beadmaking flameworking instructional book. Inside view, full pictures of lampworking techniquesGlass beadmaking sculpture making book. Inside view, full pictures of lampworking techniquesInside view, full pictures of lampworking techniques

Table of Contents
Getting Started
  • Equipment
  • Tools
  • Supplies
  • Safety Equipment and Clothing
  • Setting Up and Working in your Studio

Making The First Bead
  • Prepping the Mandrels
  • Lighting the Torch
  • Heating Glass in the Flame
  • Regions of the Flame
  • Heating Glass to a Molten State
  • Finishing Up The Ends of Beads
  • Winding the First Bead
  • Varying the Bead's Shape
  • Finishing Up The Ends of Beads
  • Marver Method
  • Flame Annealing and Cooling
  • Annealing in the Kiln
  • Removing Beads from the Mandrel
  • Annealing Cooled Beads

From Basic to Beautiful Beads
  • Barrel Beads
  • Rounded Oblong Beads
  • Cones
  • Bi-cones
  • Pressed Beads
  • Disc Beads
  • Groovy Patterned Beads
  • Alternative Patterned Surfaces
  • Surface Decoration
  • Applying Frit
  • Making Dots
  • Positioning Dots Precisely
  • Shaping Beads
  • Adding Color & Decoration
  • Gallery
Intermediate Techniques
  • Full Coverage
  • Enameled Stringers
  • Enameled Patterns
  • Boiled Enamel
  • Sifted Enamel
  • Engraved Enamel
  • Enamel Paint
  • Applying Enamels
  • Glass That Changes in the Flame
  • Working with Frit in a Reduction Flame
  • Reduction Stringers
  • Anice White Glass
  • Intense Black Glass
  • Encasing Beads
  • Altering Bead Surfaces with Non-Glass Materials
  • Mica Powders
  • Etching
  • Intermediate Shaping and Sculpting Techniques
  • Creating Furrows
  • Cutting Hot Glass
  • Sculpting with a Graphite Paddle
  • Pinching Glass with Tweezers
  • Making Large-Hole Beads
  • Adding Metals to Beads
    • Leaf
    • Foils
    • Silver Leaf Stringers
    • Silver Shavings and Fine Silver Wire
    • Copper Tubing
  • Making a Gravity Bead
  • Applying Millifiori
  • Working with Dichroic Glass
  • Gallery
Advanced Techniques
  • Fuming
    • Charging The Rod
    • Fuming a Bead
  • Hollow Beads
  • Wrapped Hollow Beads
  • Cleaning Hollow Beads and Forms
  • Sculptural Techniques
    • Winged Hearts
    • Spiral Seashell
    • Aegean Urn
  • Making Decorative Canes
    • Encased Ribbon Cane
    • Pulling the Cane
    • Simple Layered Millifiori
    • Complex Ribbon Cane
    • Letter And Number Canes
    • Complex Picture Cane
  • Making Floral Beads
    • Making Floral Canes
    • Encased Cane
    • Creating The Flowers
  • Gallery

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