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Passing The Flame

A Beadmaker's Guide to Detail and Design

by Corina Tettinger

205 pages.

Full color book on how to make glass beads.

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Incredible Book - Very clear concise and detailed instruction! This is the only book that shows you how to make glass beads with a two gas torch like the Minor Burner.
Lots of How -To. It has many pictures of great beads.
Beadmaker and author Corina Tettinger says she wanted Passing the Flame to “bring the teacher into your house.” Tettinger’s chatty writing style gives the reader that “teacher effect,” making the book very user-friendly. The instructions are easy to understand, and colorful photos throughout the book provide a visual feast. Photos show every step of the beadmaking process in detail, including incorporating it into jewelry. The format of the book makes it easy to keep open on the workbench while following along and exploring techniques.
In her foreword, Tettinger asks “Are you going to learn everything there is to know about beadmaking in this book?” She answers, “Hell no.” Tettinger’s designs are based on techniques that have been used for centuries — mainly dots and lines. It’s her precision, color choices, and particular combinations of these techniques that make her work unique. Because her techniques are both basic and innovative, a beginning beadmaker will get a good foundation with Tettinger’s book, and one with more experience will find plenty of new ideas and inspiration.

Table of Contents
Getting to Know Your Glass
    • Soft Glass
    • Borosilicate Glass (Pyrex)
    • Quirks of Moretti Glass Colors
    • Beanie Beads
The First Steps
    • Holding the Glass
    • Holding the Mandrel
    • Lighting Your Torch
    • Working in the Flame
The Basic Round Bead
    • The Winding Method
    • The Disk Method
    • The Fast and Furious Method
    • things That Can Go Wrong
    • Is A Round Bead A Round Bead
Shaping Beads
    • Tabs
    • Cubes
    • Barrels
    • Cones
    • Bi-cones
    • Hearts
    • Application
    • Raised and Flat Dot
    • Spacing
    • Design
    • Multi-Level Dots
    • The Distortion Effect
    • Poking
    • Twisting Dots
Stringer Decoration
    • Pulling Stringer
    • Applying Stringer
    • Design
Legally Pink Cane
    • Rose Cane
    • Twisted Cane
    • Striped Cane
    • Complex Twisted Cane
    • Tiger Beads: Step-by-Step
All About Ivory Encasing
    • The Solid Color Overlay
    • Encasing Small Beads with Decoration
    • How to get a Clean Encasement
    • Encasing Larger Focals
    • Encasing & Distortion
All About Purple
    • The Kaleidoscope Bead: Step-by-Step
Encasing Florals
    • Watercolor Floral: Step-by-Step
Getting Fancy
    • Silver
    • Frits
    • Other Fru Fru Jellyfish: Step-by-Step
The Leap
    • Sculptural Frog: Step-by-Step
Getting Started - How to Set-up Your Studio

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