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 stained glass

Introduction to Precious Metal Clay: Innovatice Adornments

Innovative Adornments - $19

Introduction to Precious Metal Clay - PMC

93 Pages - Full Color

Inside pages: Introduction to Precious Metal Clay: Innovatice Adornments

Inside pages: Introduction to Precious Metal Clay: Innovatice Adornments

Inside pages: Introduction to Precious Metal Clay: Innovatice Adornments

There are two companies that make silver clay:

  • Art Clay Silver
  • PMC- Precious Metal Clay
  • Both are good products and make simmilar products. This book is written for PMC but can be applied to Art Clay Silver. Includes working with glass pendants inlcuding dichroic glass.

    Sundance Carries Art Clay Silver. Click here to see.

     Table of Contents

    • What is PMC? History and Uses
    • Types of PMC
    • The Basics
    • Glossary
    • Tools Equipment & Kilns

    The Projects

    • Project 1: Two Sided Treasure
    • Project 2: The Potters Coil
    • Project 3: The Ultimate Scarf Bead
    • Project 4: Filigree Fish Pendant
    • Project 5: Calusa Mask
    • Project 6: The Orchid
    • Project 7: Promise Ring
    • Project 8: The Ancient Vessel
    • Project 9: Paper Alchemy Pendant
    • Project 10: Porcelian
    • Project 11: Dichroic Glass Pendant
    • Project 12: Kamama Butterfly Pin
    • Project 13: Commemorative Server
    • Project 14: Natural Stone Slab Ring
    • Project 15: Ornamental Necklace Clasp
    • Project 16: Screen Imagery Pendant
    • Project 17: Millefiore Pendant
    • Project 18: Fabric Fold Pendant

    Supplemental Material

    • Addendum 1: Firing Schedule
    • Addendum 2: Butane Torch Firing
    • Addendum 3: Sterno Fueled Pellet Kiln
    • Addendum 4: Butane Torch Soldering
    • Addendum 5: Finishing
    • Addendum 6: Patina Surface Finishing
    • Addendum 7: Organic Core Materials
    • Addendum 8: Gemstones
    • Addendum 9: Repair, Recycle, Rebuild
    • Addendum 10: Safety



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