The Art of EnamelingThe Art of Enameling: A comprehensive and resourceful step-by-step reference of enameling techniques.

The Art of Enameling
A comprehensive and resourceful step-by-step reference of enameling techniques.

A complete course in enameling for beginners and more advanced Artisans.
Artist and educator Linda Darry demystifies enameling and shows how it can be used to add rich color, texture, and imagery to metalwork. Once you learn the basic enameling techniques, you;ll be able to apply them on 12 handsome projects, from "Stencil & Sgraffito Sifted Earrings" to a "Fold-formed Bowl."


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 Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Enameling Fundamentals

  • Enamel and Enameling
  • Enameling Materials
  • Setting Up an Enameling Studio
  • Base Metals for Enameling
  • Solders to Use with Enameling
  • Cleaning and Preparing Metal
  • Preparing Enamel
  • Applying Enamel
  • Firing Enamel
  • Cleaning Metal and Enameled Surfaces Between Firings
  • Removing and Grinding Enamel
  • Making Color Tests
  • Working with Enamel Colors
  • Finishing Enamels
  • Setting Enamels
  • Chapter 2: Enameling Techniques

  • Sifting Techniques
  • Basse Taille
  • Fine Silver Foil and Fine Gold Foil
  • Painting Techniques
  • Liquid Enamel Techniques
  • Cloisonne
  • Champleve
  • Plique-a-Jour
  • Additional Techniques
  • Chapter 3: Projects

  • Stencil and Sgraffito Sifted Earrings
  • Sugar-Fired Necklace
  • Layered Ring
  • Etched and Enameled Brooch
  • Painted buttons
  • Liquid Enamel Pendant
  • Fold-Formed Bowl
  • Cloisonne Brooch
  • Champleve Spoon
  • Champleve Brooch
  • Plique-a-Jour Earrings
  • Enamel and Encaustic Assemblage
  • Chapter 4: Metal Gauge and Bibliography

    Chapter 5: Acknowledgements

    Chapter 6: Contributing Artists

    Chapter 7: Notes About Suppliers

    Chapter 8: Index

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