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All Colour De Verre molds come packaged with priming, filling, and firing instructions. If you have lost Colour De Verre instructions or you just want to check out Colour De Verre instructions before you buy, you are in the right place.

If you have purchased one of the Colour De Verre Lidded Box Molds, here are the instructions Colour De Verre includes.

If you have purchased a set of Colour De Verre Serpentine Fomers, you can find instructions here.

Instructions for Colour De Verre Candle Holder Series can be found here.

Instructions for the Glasslinks products can be found here.

The Smaller Molds, such as tiles, animals, dragonflies, butterflies, shells, snowflakes, jewelry designs, and color blenders, are packaged in a plastic bag with a cardstock hangtag. The instructions are located on the inside of the hangtag. If the instructions have been lost, you can find a copy here.

If you have purchased any of the Lighting Panel Formers or the Lighting Hardware, you can find instructions for the 10" Oval here and the 5" Round here.

Also included are some hints for:

Download and print Branches, Pine Cones, and Small Leaves.

If you are looking for additional information for the:
Download and print Tips for Thin Casting. It has casting and slumping schedules for both COE 90 and COE 96 glass.

Large molds like Colour De Verre plates, fusers, and slump forms are packaged in a box. The instructions for use are printed on card placed inside the box. If the instructions have been lost, you can find a copy for the fusers here and for the large floral forms here.

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