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Bullseye Glass

Transparent (Casting) Tints

bullseye over lay


for glass fusing, glass casting and flame working

All tested compatible COE 90


 This picture is shown with the casting tints fused on top of a piece of white glass. White makes the colors show darker than they may actually appear.

The intensity of color in the transparent tints increases with the thickness of the object cast. At 3mm (1/8") thick, it appears virtually clear. At 2 cm (1") or more, the full color is apparent.

The hue of "shift colors" change depending on the thickness and or lighting of the casting. The colors shown above are rough approximations of the changes you will see in the actual glass.

For casting where glass clarity is important, use cullet. For frostier quality in the glass, use frit. The finer the grain, the less transparent the casting. Great for Stained Glass - Glass Fusing
Glass Casting - Flame working

Squares available in 3 sizes for UPS delivery.
Also factory sheet size available
Bullseye Wholesale Pricing

All 3 sized sheet sizes are great! - they even survive UPS shipping. The smaller size one pound sheet is great if you need to add a bit of color without buying a large sheet. One side has the original factory rolled edge. The one pound pieces vary in size a bit, with common sizes being around 7" x 13" or 9" x 10" or 11½" x 8½." These sheets are 3mm "Standard" thickness.

Notice for Stained Glass, Mosaic artists and people using this glass for architectural uses.
This glass may not work for you! because the colors shown on this page is the color AFTER it is heated to a high temperature. Some of the glass below is a completely different color before it's heated. If you do not heat the glass the color may be different from what is shown on this web site! Also sizes are not exact, might have chip corners or protrusion from the edges and wavy factory edges. This is because this glass is designed for artists who cut up these pieces.

Iridized Glass has a metallic coating giving a beautiful effect on the glass, especially when fused!

Half Thickness THIN Glass
: 1/2 thickness glass is also available! The
dimensions are 8-1/2" x 10" and 1.5mm thick. One side has the original factory rolled edge.

NOTE: The Thin glass has a different product number. Be sure to use this number when ordering by phone or you WILL be shipped a standard thickness glass piece.
Click Here to see why you may want to consider half thickness THIN glass.

Bullseye Wholesale Pricing

Note: All sizes are accurate to 1/8 Inch.

Casting Tints

  Item #  Colors Code  Pricing  
bullseye 1806 1806-30 Juniper Blue B 1Lb: $11.70
11x11: $15.73
13x13: $21.97

1807-30 Grass Green B 1Lb: $11.70
11x11: $15.73
13x13: $21.97

bullseye 1808 1808-30 Aqua Blue C 1Lb: $13.40
11x11: $18.00
13x13: $25.15

bullseye 1818 1818-30 Indigo C 1Lb: $13.40
13x13: $25.15

bullseye 1820 1820-30 Pale Yellow D 1Lb:$15.00

bullseye 1821 1821-30 Erbium Pink F 1Lb:$24.25

bullseye 1823 1823-30 Burnt Scarlet F 1Lb:$24.25

bullseye 1824 1824-30 Ruby Red F 1Lb:$24.25

bullseye 1826 1826-30 Green Tea C 1Lb: $13.40

bullseye 1827 1827-30 Light Amber C 1Lb: $13.40
11x11: $18.00

bullseye 1829 1829-30 Gray C 1Lb:$13.40

bullseye 1831 1831-30 Ruby Pink F 1Lb:$24.25

bullseye 1834 1834-30 Coral Orange D 1Lb:$15.00

bullseye 1837 1837-30 Medium Amber C 1Lb:$13.00

1838-30 Dark Amber C 1Lb:$13.00

1841-30 Spruce Green B 1Lb:$11.70

bullseye 1842 1842-30 Neo-Lavender Shift E 1Lb:$18.36

bullseye 1859 1859-30 Rhubarb Pink/Green Shift F 1Lb:$24.25

bullseye 1864 1864-30 Gray Blue C 1Lb:$13.00

bullseye 1867 1867-30 Olive Smoke C Temporary Out Of Stock

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bullseye new colors
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