Bullseye Glass Cullet

for Glassblowing

No 1501-66 Clear Glass Cullet
for Glassblowing
This product is no longer Offered
We do not carry Cullet anymore!

A truly "water-white" clear, as bright as crystal without the lead. Formulated to be melted in a furnace, but will work in a kiln. 5/8" thick slabs of glass broken up. Item #150166.

$3.45 per Lb-Sold in 20 Lb boxes at $69 each.

$3.00 per Lb - 250 Pounds for $750

$2.50 per Lb - 500 Pounds for $1250

$5 per Pound if you order less than 20 Lbs.

Click Here to see the colored glass that you would use with this clear glass cullet.

We used this clear glass cullet when we melted glass in the crucible.