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Glass Fusing Kilns

GF17 Glass Fusing Kiln


 Overall Height  Outside Dimension  Inside Height  Kiln floor  Largest Shelf  Volts/Amps
 15"  23"x 27"x 23"  6-1/2"  17-1/2"
8 sided
round or octagonshelf
 120V 17 amps
Requires a 20 amp circuit

This is the largest size kiln available that works on 120 Volts!

The GF17 Glass Fusing Kiln

GF17 Kiln $550
  Optional items for the GF17 Fusing Kiln
   Kiln shelves for this kiln Click here  
   Boxing and Crating charge if you want the kiln shipped. $35

If you want to ANNEAL your glass, you mut be able to read the temperature of the kiln! You must select from one of the 3 temperature reading devices below.

PA1 Pyrometer - large face gauge - details $59
2242 Pyrometer - digital - details ....................Regular price $89...................On SALE $79
DTC1000 Controller - 12 Key Pad - Fully automatic and digital, by Paragon - (Pyrometer is not needed - it is built into this digital controller) details $495

Power requirements

This kiln uses 120 volts at 17 amps. The electricity cost to run this kiln for one hour at half power is approximently 10 cents per hour.

Controls for this kiln

A dial heat control switch (ICS) is included with each kiln. A pyrometer to measure temperature is not necessary for glass fusing but most fusers use one. It can be purchased separately. For convenience, order a digital controller. The Digital controller will do 4 things:

  1. Heat the kiln slowly at a constant rate of increase.
  2. Turn off the kiln when it reaches your selected temperature.
  3. Hold the kiln at a desired temperature for a period of time and then turn off automatically.
  4. Start heating the kiln at a future time. Example start the kiln at 3 AM so you can watch the final stages of fusing before going to work at 7 AM.

What this kiln is made of

This kiln is made with insulating fire brick wrapped with stainless steel sheetmetal. Metal Stand Included. Weights 100 pounds. All kilns should be kept 12" from any flamable materials.

What else can I use this kiln for?

These kilns can also be used for ceramics, copper enameling, or many different uses. It will heat to 1700 degrees F.

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