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Kit# 21 - The international kit for lamp workers and glass bead makers.
We designed this kit to be light weight to save on postal costs.

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The following items are included in the kit# 21:
  • Hot Head Torch - Details
  • Enhanced Didymium Safety Glasses
  • Mandrel Release
  • Mandrels - 1 dozen medium sized diameter
  • Hand held graphite marvering paddle
  • Graphite marvering pad for table top
  • Torch Bracket
  • Set of FOUR different stainless steel rakes and shaping tools
  • Set of 3 tweezers
  • Tungsten probe
  • Two adaptors (not needed and not included if sent and used in the US)
  • Selection of Moretti/Effetri COE104 glass - 1/2 Lb .23 Kilos - we select colors
  • Set of 3 different diamond bead hole cleaning tools

* When kit# 21 is purchased by it self. Shipping will be adjusted if additional items are bought.
 glass beadmaking kit for international
Actual products may differ then those pictured.
Of course USA Customers are welcome to order this kit!
We will remove the F276130 Adaptor from the kit. You will not need it in the USA. Use the button below to order this kit without the adapter

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What do I need? (Adaptors not needed and not included if sent and used in the US)

  • Depending on your country, the HotHead torch may fit directly on to a propane tank. If not, you will need to use the adaptors included in your kit and connect your torch to a hose coming from your propane or propylene gas tank.

    torch and adapter
    This setup will work regardless of what country you're in. Simply slide on the gas hose and secure with a hose clamp.

  • You would need to get your own C-Clamps to clamp the work surface to your table. C-Clamps are too heavy to ship with your kit.

  • You need some instruction. Click Here to see our glass bead making books and videos.

Passing the Flame - beginners lampworking book.

There are no instructions with the kits. Learn how to by:

Click here to see all Videos

Click here to see Books

About The Hothead Torch - The one and only torch to use as a single gas bead making torch. Simply screw on a small disposable propane or propylene (MAPP) gas cylinder to use. Or use our adaptors to connect this torch to a bulk propane fuel tank like your barbecue tank to save money on gas.
This HotHead Torch uses propane or propylene gas brazing fuel. "MAPP" gas is a brand name which is just propylene. HotHead torch requires no oxygen bottles. There are many brands of torches available similar to this one. Out testing found that this torch is the best torch made for glass working. It is designed and developed exclusively for making glass. Because this torch gives you the largest flame with the least reduction. A perfect torch to start with if you are not sure if flame working is right for you, or if you are on a budget, or if you have limited in resources for obtaining or refilling large oxygen tanks required for other types of torches.. This HotHead torch will not get hot enough to melt
hard glass like borosilicate Pyrex.

Click here if you are from out of the USA

Item #  Item  Price
Hothead torch 1599 Glass Bead Making Torch
Manufactures list price $49.95

Buy 1 and Pay $42
Buy 2 and pay $37.80 each
Buy 4 and pay $35.70 each
Buy 6 and pay $33.60 each


Accessories for the HotHead Glass Torch
Item #  Item  Price

1040 Torch Mounted Marvering Pad

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propane bottle bracket 1619 Propane Bottle Bracket - this bracket mounts to a table using a C-clamp and/or with screws. C-Clamp is included! Bracket can be bent for desired torch angle. Bracket can be installed up or down, see pictures.

mounting hothead bracket

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hothead torch bracket 1622 Holder for Torch
For this torch, a HotHead torch or any torch that looks similar to the one pictured. If you want to use a bulk gas tank instead of the disposal bottle tank using the bulk adaptor hose system listed below, you will need to use this bracket to hold the bead making torch to a table. C-Clamp is included!

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hothead torch bracket A2 Fitting
 Use this adaptor with the below F276130 adaptor if you are in a country, like the UK, without the correct fittings to connect to a torch.
click here to purchase
    hothead torch bracket F276130
 Use this adaptor with the above A2 adaptor if you are in a country, like the UK, without the correct fittings to connect to a torch.
click here to purchase
sparklighter 1501 Sparklighter

Use to light torches. Squeeze the handles together to cause a spark.

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Bulk Tank Adaptor Systems for use in the USA
For users of Hot Head Torches or any torches similar to the HotHead torch.
Save on the cost of propane by using a large bulk refillable propane tank instead of the small disposable fuel gas cylinders. A single hose with the correct fittings on each end. 5, 10 or 12 foot hoses available.
  Description Price
hose for hothead torch  Bulk adaptor system with 5 foot hose
 Made in the USA
 Same item as the 190190 below.
 OK now you have that choice-Made in USA or China


click here to purchase
hose for hothead torch  Bulk adaptor system with 5 foot hose
 Made in China
 Same item as the above F273701
 OK now you have that choice-Made in USA or China
Buy one Hose $27
Buy 2 or more $24.30


hose for hothead torch  Bulk adaptor system with 12 foot hose
 Made in the USA


click here to purchase
hose for hothead torch  Bulk adaptor system with 10 foot hose
 Made in China

 Same item as the above F273702 but 2' shorter
 OK now you have that choice-Made in USA or China

Buy one Hose $35
Buy 2 or more $31.50 ea

Y hose connector  Y - Propane Fitting
 Made in China
Connect two torches with this fitting. This Y fits into a bulk tank - the two other ends fit two of the above hoses which go to the Hot Head torches.

Buy one Fitting $24
Buy 2 or More $21.60 ea


Purchasing any of the accessory items above would increase the shipping weight and cost .

This is a discussion about a HotHead style torch melting "soft" glass.
A flame needs oxygen and fuel gas like propane or propylene to burn. Molten glass likes a "neutral flame". A "neutral flame" has the proper ratio or amount of oxygen and propane so all of the gasses are consumed in the flame and there is no extra or leftover unburned oxygen or propane. A flame with unburned oxygen is called an "oxidized flame" and a flame with unburned propane is called a "reduction flame". A flame with just the right amount of oxygen and propane is called a "neutral flame". If soft molten glass (like Moretti/Effetre) is sitting in a "reduction flame' the colors turn muddy. Even the clear will turn streaky black and muddy. The common torch you might find in your garage just won't work. The reason is, this style torch has plenty of fuel gas from the propane tank but can only get its oxygen from the air. But air has only about 20% oxygen. Not nearly enough to achieve a neutral flame in a torch like this. These torches are made for plumbing or whatever and a neutral flame is not a concern for them. UNLESS you use a torch especially designed for glass, like the HotHead, that pulls in more air therefore more oxygen. It is actually a specially designed torch for glass. Also the extra oxygen makes it a hotter flame. Even in the HotHead torch, where you hold the glass in the flame makes a difference. To close to the nozzle where there is more unburned propane turns the glass muddy, to far out in the flame is not hot enough. You need to learn where the "sweet spot" is in the flame. Also size of flame makes a difference. The bigger the flame the more BTU's and faster you can work the glass. Most common garage brazing torches have a smaller sized flame (compared to the HotHead Torch) which means less BTU's and less heat. The HotHead Torch has as big a flame as you get with this style torch, and guess what, it barely has enough heat. This is why the choice of brand of soft glass makes a big difference. There are some brands like Bullseye Glass that takes twice as long to heat and work than the commonly used Moretti/Effetre Glass. There are even easier to melt glass out here in the world like some Japanese made glass (although very pricey!). Don't even try borosilicate glass (Pyrex), it wont melt at all. But can you make great beads with this HotHead torch! YES you can. We had an employee, Calvin Orr, who made the most amazing beautiful beads using only the HotHead torch. He has gone on now to become a fairly famous glass beadmaker. If you want a torch that has a very hot flame, totally adjustable to achieve a neutral flame, and yes (because it has plenty of heat) it is desirable to have a smaller pointed flame (as compared to the HotHead) so you can heat just a spot on the glass surface to do detail work without heating the whole bead, pendant, button whatever, then you need to use a torch which not only has the propane tank (like the HotHead torch) but also an oxygen tank. By using this pure oxygen you get a very hot flame! Remember hot flame allows you to work faster. You also have two sets of valves which control just the right amount for gasses to get that neutral flame. But of course the down side is the cost. The Hothead is $39 and this other type of torch costs 10 times more (because of the hose and regulators you would need), or even more.

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