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Using Reusche Glass Paints

by Bill

Click here to see the Book on how to work with this paint, "the Art of Painting on Glass".

Vitreous Paints & Stains:

Vitreous Paint is a mixture of ground glass and a pigment oxide. These superior glass stains and paints from Reusche are offered in 1 oz. (28.3 gm) packets, containing powdered colors which may be mixed with water and gum arabic or other mixing agents before application to glass and subsequent kiln firing. 1 ounce covers 300 square inches.

"Here are the pictures of the work I just finished using the Reusche Cadmium and Lead free paints that I ordered from you (Sundance) Although it is a practice piece, it is the first I have done in 25 years"

Paints Used:

54R001 - Strong Blue - feathers and wreath on the helmet

53R002 - Blue Green - vining structure

01388 - Orange Intense Silver Stain - mantking and side shield

53R004 - Apple Green - helmet (matted) and the background (stippled)

55R002 - Persian Red - shield

57R001 - Tracing Black - trace lines

Umber Brown - used for the banner (Tuebor: means I will Defend)

"All these paints were fired at 1200°F. I used white vinegar to mix with all the paints instead of water, just a preference. The paints are very smooth, no grinding. I am very pleased with the results. Unfortunately, the pictures do not show the true beauty of the colors."

"I forgot to add that this piece is done on standard window glass. A beginner should not feel that they have to use the more expensive glasses at first. A lot can be done with paints just using standard window glass."

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