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Intermediate/Advanced Class

using a torch working with Borosilicate

Class Outline

Our Instructor

This class is designed on expanding the students' repertoire of designs and patterns. Not only learning specific techniques, but the instructor will concentrate on refining them so they look their best.

Prerequisite: Students should already be comfortable working with tubing and sectioning concepts.

Some things we do in this workshop

Two day Saturday and Sunday workshop

  • Expanding the students' repertoire of designs and patterns
  • Techniques
    • opposing spirals
    • switchbacks
    • caps
  • Working with Color
    • optimizing colors to improve brightness and contrast
    • stringer combs
    • striking methods
    • flame adjustment to maximize range of colors

Our classroom and equipment

Our classroom and workshop area has perhaps the latest and most complete setup available anywhere. Each student has a well lit comfortable work area with plenty of room for working. We have natural and artificial lighting. Each student has their own Minor Bench Burner, annealing kiln and all of the latest tools. Most important in a workshop like this, is ventilation. With so many torches going at the same time, the quality of the air quickly becomes heavy: Inducing headaches, difficult breathing and fatigue. Even one torch could cause this. Our area at Sundance has excellent ventilation keeping the air fresh.

A note about temperature. Because of the need of fresh air, the temperature of the work area will be the same as the temperature outside. California has pretty mild temperatures but occasionally it could be cold or warm depending on the season. Please bring clothing for warm and cold temperature.

A note from Brian, the owner of Sundance:

I remember taking a Glass Beadmaking Workshop many years ago in a well known teaching studio in the San Francisco Bay Area from the biggest name lampworker. It was terrible. It was dirty, cramped, and they stuck me at the end of a table on a rickety short stool with no elbow room. It was so cramped that the instructor couldn't reach me except for once during the entire 2 day workshop! Not only that, but I was taking the workshop with some pretty now famous people, a click group. So much for any attention for me. So much for my $485 fee! But I did have the best lighting, only because I was the closest to the grimy window. I've been told it hasn't changed. Actually I was glad for that experience. I was determined not to expose my students to that type of atmosphere in my teaching studio! Our classroom and workshop area has the latest and most complete setup available. We have natural lighting and ventaliation to keep the air fresh. Each student learns on an oxygen/propane torch with annealing kilns and all of the latest tools. All equipment and tools are included. You will be guaranteed a well lit, ventilated workspace with plenty of elbow room and at half the price! And EVERYBODY gets and plenty of attention and the best instruction!

Most of our students are from out of town.


Other workshop information

Sundance provides:

  • Space
  • Knowledge
  • Inspiration
  • Basic Equipment (you can bring any of your own favorite tools if you like)
    • Torch & Annealing Kilns (OK to bring your own torch)
    • All Basic beadmaking tools

What you provide:

  • Initiative
  • Motivation
  • Artistic Talent
  • Materials - you will have the opportunity to purchase in class
  • Any other specialized tools - you will have the opportunity to purchase in class

What to wear and bring:

  • Cotton clothes that cover from the neck to the foot
  • No open toed shoes (sandals)
  • No loose clothing
  • No loose hair, tie it back or wear a hat
  • Bring your favorite sunscreen
  • Bringing your lunch allows you to be able to work during lunch break (we have water and coke machine - MV)
  • IMPORTANT - as described above, the classroom may be hot or cold depending on the weather, so be sure to bring cool and warm clothing just in case!
 Click Here to See all about Paradise California Area


  • Paradise, California - $325

Our Studio located at: 1010 Bille Road, Paradise California 95969

Reserving your space:
We have many people who ask us to put their names down but your spot is reserved only when your tuition is paid. The only way to reserve a date is by paying the tuition.

Class Dates:
To Be Scheduled

Class Times:

  • Paradise: , California
  • Saturday: 10 AM to 4 PM
  • Sunday: 11 AM to 5 PM
You are Committed: It's OK to reschedule or cancel your workshop 11 days before your pre-scheduled time. We need the 10 days before your class to fill your spot. Most students who take this workshop make long term travel plans and it is difficult to find someone to fill your spot at the last minute.

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