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Table Top Kilns

for Glassblowers, Beadmakers, Flameworkers, Lampworkers

Vertical-Drop Door Kiln - Swings upward!
18" by 18" floor space with easy access drop down door Table Top Kiln for Glassblowers, Beadmakers, Flameworkers, Lampworkers, and Fusers.
Why a Vertical-Drop Door? There is heat on the inside of a kiln door. Kilns with swing out doors expose you to the hot inside door. But this Vertical-Drop door swings up never exposing you to that hot door. A digital controller which includes a pyrometer is included with kiln. This bead kiln, made with insulated fire brick, can also be used for fusing glass, ceramics, copper enameling, or many different uses. All kilns should be kept 12" from any flammable materials. The fiber cloth door covering pictured, is included free with the kiln.


  • Paragon F-18 Lamp Working Kiln: Anneal large glass figurines in this digital lampworking kiln. Raise the spring-loaded vertical-drop door to insert a glass figurine with a punty rod. Lower the door. The punty rod extends outside the firing chamber through the smaller punty rod door. This allows the glass to anneal safely.
  • Punty rod doors retain the heat:  Two 4" x 7½" punty rod doors will give you plenty of room to work with. Because of a gap under the punty rod doors, you can usually close them all the way even when mandrels extend past the firing chamber. Two layers of woven gaskets under each door help to hold in the heat. Powerful rare-earth magnets hold the punty rod doors in the open and closed positions. To help retain heat, the ceramic fiber punty rod doors are two inches thick.
  • New slide-out mandrel holder:  We have added an adjustable mandrel holder to the front of the kiln. Adjust it horizontally and vertically without tools. Position the heavy-duty welded mandrel holder from 1¼" to 12" from the front edge of the main floor. (A firebrick extension on the front of the kiln fits under the punty rod doors beyond the front edge of the kiln floor.) Then tighten the mandrel holder with the thumb screws on each side of the kiln. The holder slides inside steel tubes mounted in the base of the kiln. The stainless steel mandrel rest, which includes 14 slots, can also be adjusted vertically.
  • Sentry Xpress 3-key controller:  The Sentry Xpress 3-key controller is packed with features. It includes two modes: single Speed and 8-segment Ramp-Hold.
  • Deluxe mercury relays are standard: We have upgraded the F-18 with the deluxe mercury relay, which controls the cycling of the heating elements. The relay is industrial grade and heavy-duty for extra long life. Ask experienced glass artists what they think of the relay.
  • Sidewall elements are now standard in the F-18: The F-18 elements heat from the sides and back of the kiln in dropped, recessed wall grooves. (This type of groove protects the elements.) We recommend that you order the optional safety door switch, which turns off the elements when the door is raised. (The temperature controller will continue to operate when the safety switch turns off the elements.) If you prefer an element in the top instead of the walls, please specify when you place your order. The price of the F-18 is the same whether the elements are in the walls or the top. Top elements are mounted in deluxe pin less element grooves. For an extra fee, you can have both top and sidewall elements.
Specifications for the F18 Kiln

Outside Dimension Shipping Size Shipping Weight Floor Inside Height
29" x 32" x 29" 36" x37.5" x36.5" 288 Lbs.
131 Kg.
18" x 18" 13"

Model Max Temp F Amps Volts Watts at full power NEMA Plug Configuration Approx. Electricity Cost per Hour* at 1/2 power
F18 1800° 20 240 4800 6-20R 25¢

Side element f18
F18 with Side Elements
List Price: $2,789
click here to purchase

Side element f18
F18 with Top Elements
List Price: $2,789
click here to purchase

Important Shipping Information about Kilns

(Shipping Estimates Will Not Be Correct)

 The shipping estimate for your order that you are quoted in check out will not reflect the actual
shipping total of the kiln - kilns are drop shipped separately from the manufacturer, so the shipping totals for all orders that include kilns need to be calculated by our customer service representatives.

You will be contacted by one of our customer service representatives once your order has been processed and your shipping total has been figured.

If the manufacturer has the kiln you've ordered in stock it will be shipped fairly soon. However,
please note that shipping may be delayed 2-5 weeks if the manufacturer does not have the kiln
in stock. This is especially true during the holiday season and other busy times of the year.

Remember, the kiln is usually not at full power when it is used. Usually it runs at half power to anneal glass or when controller heats up the kiln slowly.

Why have a side door opening for a glass bead kiln?

  • Comfort. Sure, one could put a piece of glass or mandrel into any kiln. But when you lift the lid a blast of 1000° heat will hit you. The unique feature of this kiln is small door in the large door.
  • This allows you to insert beads or other glass pieces through the small door without much heat discomfort.
  • The side door is also great for preheating glass rods.
  • Premade glass pieces which will be intended to be removed for working in the flame can be passed to and from the kiln through the side door opening without much heat discomfort.
About the Digital Controller included with this kiln:
  • A 8 Segment Ramp-Hold
  • Delay Fire
  • Hold
  • Skip Segment and Program Review

Click here to download the manual for the Controller

Ease of operation will delight you. Never before has lamp work been so easy in this price range. Imagine the massive, award-winning figurines you will be able to make with this kiln.

The F-series top elements use a new element groove that eliminates element pins. The element coils are wider than the groove opening, so the elements stay in place without pins. The element is mounted in the top of the kiln.

Imagine the glass you could sag, slump, and fuse with this kiln. Make small bowls, pendants, earrings, cufflinks, and even bracelets. Enjoy the glittering beauty of Dichroics. This kiln will give you a haven of creative enjoyment that you will enjoy for many years.


Kiln Type

Front Loading Square



Understanding Chamber Measurements

Chamber Volume

2.40 CU.FT.
67.96 litres

Chamber Width

18.00 IN
457 mm

Chamber Depth

18.00 IN
457 mm

Chamber Height

13.00 IN
330 mm

The Outer Size of the Kiln and the Shipping Size:
Width = Left to Right;
Depth = Front to Back;
Height = Top to Bottom

Outer Size

29.00W x 32.00D x 28.50H Inches
737W x 813D x 724H mm

Ship Size

36.00W x 37.50D x 36.50H Inches
914W x 953D x 927H mm

Ship Weight

288.00 Lbs.
130.64 Kg.

Max. Temperature










Breaker Size


Circuit Copper Wire Size

12 gauge

TUV tested to CSA and UL Standard 499








IMPORTANT: Some areas such as Canada and Europe
require a lid or door safety switch on kilns.

Ship Method & Notations

This Kiln Ships Via Truck

Part Number

F18  * Base Model

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