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Table Top Kilns


Glass Beadmakers, Lampworkers, PMC, Art Clay Silver, Flameworkers & Fusers

Table Top Kilns for Glass Beadmaking, Lampworking, PMC, Art Clay SIlver, Flamworking, Annealing, Enameling, Fusing, and Ceramics. This kiln uses common available household electricity, 115 volts at 14 amps. The cost to run this kiln for one hour at half power is approximately 9 cents. A dial heat control switch (ICS) is included with each kiln. A pyrometer, purchased separately, is necessary to measure temperature. The bead kiln, made with insulated fire brick, can also be used for fusing glass, ceramics, and copper enameling. The UNIQUE feature of being modular and stacking allows you to add or remove accessories to turn the kiln into a kiln for other uses! All kilns should be kept 12" from any flammable materials. Shown in the picture, is the optional snap on rod rest and the fiber cloth door covering, which is included free with the kiln.

Specifications for the HG6B9 Kiln
 Overall Height Outside Dimension Inside Height Dimension of kiln floor for fusing

 Dimension of floor bead area
Largest kiln shelf Volts/Amps
 19" 14½" x 17½" 9" 6½" x 6½"  9" x 9"  6" x 6" 120 / 14

Why have a side door opening for a glass bead kiln?

  • Comfort. Sure, one could put a mandrel into any kiln. But when you lift the lid a blast of 1000 degree heat will hit you. The unique feature (invented by us) of this bead kiln is a side door opening. This allows you to insert beads through the side without much heat discomfort.
  • Safety. Sure you could place a mandrel into any kiln. But if you happen to touch one of the exposed elements with the metal mandrel you will get an electric shock. The unique feature (invented by us) of this kiln is a side door opening. This keeps the metal mandrel away from any electrical elements for safety.
  • Setting up your kiln for flameworking.
  • Setting up your kiln for glass fusing. (under construction)
  • Kiln maintenance

 HG6B9 Kiln with Temperature Dial Control Only  Kiln With 3 Key Digital Temperature Controller and Dial Control  Kiln With 12 Key Digital Temperature Controller and Dial Control

 Get the kiln with the dial control for controlling temperature.

Don't forget you may also need a pyrometer (Temperature Gauge)

 Get the kiln with 3 key digital temperature controller and dial temperature control. Get the kiln with 12 key digital temperature controller and dial control.
$330 $630 $725

The HG6B9 Table Top Kilns for Glass Beadmaking, Lampworking, PMC, Art Clay SIlver, Flamworking, Annealing, Enameling, Fusing, and Ceramics.

HG6T Top - 2 brick - with single grip wooden handle $45
HG6F Heating ring - 6½" x 6½" inside - 120 volts, 14 amps - with control switch $175
HG9BE Bead Extension - 9" x 9" - with a 6½" wide by 2¼"high side door opening $85
HG9B Bottom -13½" x 13½" outside - fits underneath HG9F or HG9BE $34
   The above parts if sold seperate  $339
HG6B9 Bead Kiln - includes the above 4 parts - HG6T, HG6F, HG9BE, HG9B $330
  Optional items for the HG6B9 Fusing Kiln
HGF4 Feet - Four 2" x 2" x 2" insulated fire brick blocks $6
RR4 Snap on Glass Rod Rest - stainless steel - 4½" wide $19
BR9 Slide in Bead Rack (Recommended if you want to make beads!) details $14
  Fiber Cloth Door Covering Included
HFD9 Hinged Fiber Door Cover (not really needed because of the above cloth) $24

Prices are constantly changing, this page may not reflect actual pricing. Call for current prices.

If you want to anneal your glass, you must be able to read the temperature of the kiln!If you want to ANNEAL your glass, you mut be able to read the temperature of the kiln! You must select from one of the 3 temperature reading devices below.

PA1 Pyrometer - large face gauge - details $59
2242 Pyrometer - digital - details .......Regular price $89......On SALE $69
5555 Controller - 3 Key Pad - Fully automatic and digital, (Pyrometer is not needed - it is built into this digital controller - details Temp Out of Stock $300
DTC1000 Controller - 12 Key Pad - Fully automatic and digital, by Paragon - (Pyrometer is not needed - it is built into this digital controller) details $395

Check out this feature!

Slide in bead rack that holds many times more beads than any other kiln the same size!

Slide in glass bead rack for kiln with optional snap on glass rod rest. Close up view of the side opening.

Even though the opening is only 9" wide by 2¼" high, many beads can be stacked upward. Notice from this picture how many beads are just on the left 2" of the kiln. Pictured on the right is the optional glass rod holder. Place glass rods on this rack to preheat the ends. When you are ready to use that color, simply remove the rod and go directly into the torch flame. This eliminates the need to preheat the tip of the glass rod in the torch! See the web material on the top of the picture. That is HotGlass's unique high temperature fiber cloth door. We pulled the cloth up to expose the inside of the kiln for this picture. This cloth door covers the door to keep much of the heat in the kiln. Because it is flexible, the cloth will bend around any mandrels or glass rods protruding from the kiln.

Why the HG kilns are better!

  • This kiln is made by HotGlass. They invented the front door brick kiln! We have evaluated the few worthy bead kilns now made and we found HotGlass to be the best quality, more features and at the best price! There is no choice or question what kiln is the best!
  • These HotGlass kilns can also be used for fusing, annealing glass, enameling or ceramics. Most other bead kilns do not.
  • These HotGlass kilns are priced lower than any other bead kiln on the market. Prices start under $268 for a kiln with pyrometer for reading temperature and a dial control switch for adjusting the temperature!
  • The HotGlass kilns are Fiber Free for those of you who do not like to have ceramic fiber in your studio. (Some of our HotGlass kilns come with a fiber cloth door, but this cloth is not necessary and can be easily removed.)
  • These HotGlass kilns have several unique features not found in other brand bead kilns.!
    • Fiber cloth door on some models. This feature is ingenious! This easy to open cloth door helps keep the heat in and wraps around any glass rods or mandrels sticking out of the kiln.
    • Optional Built in bead rack for glass beadmakers. And not just a regular bead rack. This allows one to stack across and upward so three or four times as many beads can be put in these kilns each beadmaking session! This makes our kilns three to four times larger than other kilns of the same size!
    • Wooden handles. Other brand kilns have metal handle lids or doors which are worthless when the kiln gets hot.

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