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Glass Kilns

For Flameworking, Lampworking, Glassblowing, and Glass Beadmaking

We have a variety of great kilns designed for lampworking.

Crucible Kilns

Crucible Kiln
Fusing Kilns for Slumping and Fusing

CS-14 Kiln

Annealing Kilns for Glassblowers, Lamp Workers, and Bead makers

Special Pliers, Squashers, and Tweezers  for all flameworkers and lampworkers.

Model # Kilns Details & Pricing Floor Size Width & height of door opening Price
Glass Warming Oven Ceramic warming oven Details 4½" x 3½" 4½" x 2½"

Our Price:
Micro Scarab Skutt Micro Scarab Details 12 " x 9¼" 9¼ " x  7½" List Price

Our Low Price:
Skutt Mini Scarab Details 12 " x 12" 12 " x  16¼" List Price:

Our Low Price:
Scarab Skutt Scarab Details 27 " x  12" 27 " x  16" List Price:

Our Low Price:
Scarab XL Skutt Scarab XL Details 27 " x  20" 27" x  26" List Price:

Our Low Price:
Caldera lampworking-kiln Details 9" x 9" 2"  x  9" List Price:
Our Low Price:

List Price:
Our Low Price:
BlueBird XL Details 9" x  20" 20" x  4½" List Price:
Our Low Price:
F200 Paragon Glass Fusing Kiln F200 Details 25" x 15" 8" List Price:
Our Low Price:
5621 Details

4 Styles
as low as $659
8" x 8" 6" List Price:
Our Low Price:
F11 F11 and F18 With Built in Digital Temperature Controller: Glass Beadmaking, Lampworking, Flameworking Kiln Details 11" x 11" 7" List Price:
Our Low Price:
F13 F13 F130 by Paragon Details 11"x11" 13" List Price:
Our Low Price:
Fusion14 Fusion14 by Paragon Details 14" 6½" List Price:
Our Low Price:
Fusion16 Fusion16 br Paragon Details 16" 6½" List Price:
Our Low Price:
GL18 GL18A by Paragon  Details 18" x 18" 13" Discontinued by Manufacturer
GL18AD18 GL18AD by Paragon  Details 18" x 18" 13" List Price:
Our Low Price:
F18 F18 F240 by Paragon  Details 18" x 18" 13" List Price:
Our Low Price:

Fully stocked with Kilns for every hot glass art!

Important Shipping Information about Kilns
(Shipping Estimates Will Not Be Correct)

 The shipping estimate for your order that you are quoted in check out will not reflect the actual
shipping total of the kiln - kilns are drop shipped separately from the manufacturer, so the shipping totals for all orders that include kilns need to be calculated by our customer service representatives.

You will be contacted by one of our customer service representatives once your order has been processed and your shipping total has been figured.

If the manufacturer has the kiln you've ordered in stock it will be shipped fairly soon. However,
please note that shipping may be delayed 2-5 weeks if the manufacturer does not have the kiln
in stock. This is especially true during the holiday season and other busy times of the year.

Click Here for Kiln Making Materials - Brick, fiber, Elements, etc.

Click Here for Controllers
Digital and analog temperature controllers and pyrometers for your kiln

Do you need a kiln for lampworking?

There are two reasons you need a kiln designed for Lampworking:

When you've finished working a glass bead in your torch you need to cool it slowly enough to avoid thermal shock and cracking, which is what kilns are used for. However, it is important to note that
you may still have stress in the bead even if you have cooled it without having it crack.

    A glass bead must also be properly annealed. Annealing is done by exposing your bead to a certain temperature for a particular period of time, which only a kiln can do. The bigger your bead,
the more time it will take to anneal; the requisite temperature depends on the type of glass you
are using (Moretti is about 940° F) and the length of time depends on the thickest part of
the bead (a typical length might be 15 minutes, but longer doesn't hurt).

        Beads can also be cooled then later put into a cold kiln and brought up to a given temperature for
annealing. Alternatively, annealing can be done immediately by putting a bead, still on the
mandrel, into a hot kiln directly from a torch flame. Hot Glass kilns are specially designed so that beads can safely be put into them while they're hot.

There are four popular methods of cooling glass beads.

1. Cooling the bead by slowly removing it from the torch flame.

This method is called flame annealing. Many artists use this method of annealing
even if they are using a kiln. This method may protect smaller sized beads from thermal
shock and, if properly done can do some annealing for a bead of any size.

2. Placing your beads between two layers of fiber blanket.
(See more about this)

This method may protect smaller beads from thermal shock,
but does nothing to anneal your glass bead.

3. Bury your bead deep in a hot crock pot filled with hot vermiculite.

This method also may protect smaller beads from thermal shocking,
but also does nothing to anneal your glass bead.

4. Place your bead in a heated kiln.

Using a kiln will protect a bead of any size from thermal shock and will anneal your
glass bead if kept at the correct temperature for a sufficient period of time.

How is a Lampworking Kiln different from a Ceramic Kiln?

A ceramic kiln could work for bead making, but a lampworking kiln is safer for such
projects for a couple of reasons. Keep in mind that beads are put into kilns while they
are on and at very high temperatures.

Electrocution -
If you put a bead, still on the mandrel, into a ceramic kiln and you accidentally
touch one of the exposed element wires, you will get electrocuted! Our lampworking kilns will
protect you from electrocution.

- Yes! When a kiln is used for glass bead making, it is kept at about 1000° F.
If you open a ceramic kiln at 1000°F to put in a bead you risk exposure to very intense
heat. Our Hot Glass kilns have special openings on the sides that allow you to insert your
beads safely. Simply lift up the loose cloth door and place the bead on the rack.

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