A picture of working molten glass in a torch flame.

You can make Glass Pipes

On this page, we will give you the quick lesson.
This is just one of several ways to make a pipe.

Just follow these instructions.

(Under construction) More Pictures coming!!

Pull points. Hold the tube with both hands one on each end. Heat the heavy wall borosilica in the center of the tube.

Center will become soft so now pull tube apart so the soft center pulls down to a smaller diameter. Making it symetrical is difficult. It is much easier to work the glass later if and when when you can learn how to make the pulls symetrical and straight.

Break the thin center of the pulled part.

Now you have two handles to hold your piece.

Add color at this point.

Melt in the color.

Close one end by heating that end of the tube so you can blow from the other side.

Heat the end of the large tube (on the side of the closed end). It is important to heat evenly. Try not to heat the handle or it will melt off.

Blow the bowl. If your bowl blows out unevenly it is because it was not heated evenly and the hottest part blew out more than the colder part.

Heat the side of the bowl and twist off the handle. (Can be difficult). You can blow again to reshape the bubble.

To make a hole, heat a small area on the side of the bowl. Then blowing hard. Blowing will pop a hole through the side.

To make the bowl, heat a larger area of the bowl where the hole is.

Press a rounded end 5/8" carbon rod to make a depression in the hot area to make the bowl.

Make another hole on the side of the bowl for the carb. Some people use a carbon rod to block air escaping the first hole.

Hold the pipe with a curved tweezer, finger holders or other tool.

Heat the mouth area and pull the glass thin.

Break the glass with a wire cutter plier. Trim as neat as possible.

Heat the mouth area to smooth it out.

Place the pipe in a kiln and anneal at 1040 degrees F for 15 minutes. Turn off kiln at the end of the day.

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