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Borosilicate Murrini / Millifori

Compatible with all types of borosilicate hard glass, including
Pyrex, Kimble, Momka Color, TAG, and Northstar.

Use these decorative Murrini / Millifori Chips in your hard glass projects. An efficient,
easy way to cut the Murrini canes down is by using the #729 Two Wheel Rod
Cutters found at the bottom of this page.

Use the decorative millifiori chips in your pyrex or any kind of hard glass sculpture.

milli decoration for glass sculptures

Image Murrini

BM60 - Mask
Item# BM60
$14.00 - 2g
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BM82 - Man
Item# BM82
$14.00 - 2g
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BM83 - Boy
Item# BM83
$14.00 - 2g
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BM86 - Bone

Item# BM86
$14.00 - 2g
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Signs/Symbol Murrini

BM95 - Ohm Symbol
Item# BM95
$14.00 - 2g
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BM - Symbol 2
Item# BM96
$14.00 - 2g
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Cluster Murrini

BM121 - Cluster Style 1
Item# BM121
$14.00 - 2g
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BM121 - Cluster Style 1
Here are some examples of 2 grams at different diameters.
Diameter effects length of Murrini. The thicker the rod, the shorter the rod.
You may receive a combination of chips and chunks in order to make the 2 gram weight!

rod cutter

Rod Cutter

Cut the Murrini rods with these rod cutters to make Murrini chips. 7-1/2" long with vinyl coated handles.

Item #

Description Price
729 Rod cutter with two round cutting wheels

Temporary Out Of Stock

What are Murrini Canes?

There are a few different ways to spell Murrini: Murrini, murrhine. They also have been called
mosaic canes or rods. These are glass rods or canes with layered colored glass that creates
a design that only shows from the ends. When you buy a chip you get a section of the cane and
you can cut down this cane piece into several smaller chips that you can then melt into your
glass sculpture. This way you can add great details and images to your glass pieces! Make sure
that you use borosilicate Murrini for hard glass and Moretti Millifori for soft glass.

What is Millifori?

Millifiori is a general term that literally means "A thousand flowers" in Italian. These are Murrini
canes that are composed of flower images instead of other images like stars, peace symbols,
or the Yin Yang (shown below). Most hard glass borosilicate canes are composed of these
other symbols and most soft glass Moretti canes have the Millifiori flower images.

Colorful Murrini Chip designs for your glass art pieces. Yin Yang, Star Decorate your pipes with Murrini chips! Mandala designs.

Milifiori chips: aliens, peace symbol, herb symbol

Borosilicate millifiori canes with decorative designs. Skull, Grateful Dead

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