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Compare the Minor Bench Burner Torch
the National 8M Torch

for Glass Lampworkers, Beadmakers, Flameworkers,
Glassblowers, Buttonmakers and Marblemakers

Yes a torch that will hold the largest variety of tips: from small single hole pre-mix tips, to multiple hole pre-mix tips, to surface mix tips!!

Order this 8MT torch with any tip. When the SM7 tip is used: by adjusting the flame to a low setting, the flame will be a small diameter. By adjusting the flame to a high setting, the flame will be a larger diameter. This feature is similar to the Nortel Mid Range Torch.

With a surface mix tip installed, you can use all kinds of glass, both Hard Glass Borosilicate Glass (Pyrex, Duran, Kimble, Northstar) or Soft glass.

Pre-Mix tips work only with Hard Borosilicate glass! But the beauty of this torch is that you can convert it to a surface mix by simply changing tips. Click here to see more.

One negative comment - the valves are sensitive, a small turn on the valve makes a big flame adjustment.

Click here to see even more about this torch.

Minor Bench Burner Torch by Nortel


This torch has been around for a long time. There are probably more of these torches sold than all other surface mix torches combined in the world.

One tip only. Tip can not be changed.

You can use all kinds of glass, both Hard Glass Borosilica Glass (Pyrex, Duran, Kimble, Northstar) or Soft glass (Moretti/Effetre)

Click here to see even more about this torch.

You need the following equipment to use with either of these torches:
  1. Oxygen Regulator
  2. Propane Regulator
  3. Hose - Prices below details and setup
  4. Oxygen Tank - details
  5. Propane Tank

Guideline to what you can make with either of these torches.
   Using Soft Glass Using Hard Glass*
 Beads and Buttons  Yes  Yes
 Beads and Buttons with intricate detail  Yes  No
 Marbles, Paperweights  Yes  Yes
 Marbles, Paperweights with intricate detail  Yes  No
 Sculptures  No  Yes
 Blow Vessels or Ornaments  No  Yes
 Glassblowing  No  Yes
 Blow Pipes, Bubblers  No  Yes

Of course a good lampworker can do most any type of glass work.
* Pre Mix tips work even better for hard glass.
Click here to see those tips.
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The 8M torch with the SM7 tip has a wider range of flame choices than the Minor Burner.

To get a larger flame for the 8M, purchase the larger SM21 tip.
Easy to switch tips.

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