Very easy to use, just add water, with color already mixed in. Can use on any size project. Comes out of mold in approximately 45 minutes. No add mix or reinforcing needed.

Available in 10 pound boxes.

Produces vividly colored stepping stones, plaques and coasters. Advanced chemical composition produces a satin smooth finish with superior strength.

Sample Board (as pictured on left) Available for $6

 Order #  Description  Color Price 
   DiamondCrete Cement Powder Blue $16 
   DiamondCrete Cement  Adobe Rose $14 
   DiamondCrete Cement  Garden Green $14 
   DiamondCrete Cement Charcoal $14 
   DiamondCrete Cement  Brick Red $14 
   DiamondCrete Cement  Dusty Plum $14 
   DiamondCrete Cement  Terra Cotta Beige $14 
   DiamondCrete Cement  Earth Brown $14 
   DiamondCrete Cement  Gray $14 
   DiamondCrete Cement  Antique White $14 
   DiamondCrete Cement  Mauve $16 
   DiamondCrete Cement  Golden Wheat $14 
   DiamondCrete Cement  Sample Board $6 

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