Glass Nuggets

These glass nuggets are great for mosaic work! They are flat on one side for easy application. Shape is irregular.

Color and size may vary slightly from batch to batch. So please don't be mad if they are slightly different.

Come in plain, iridized, frosted and metallic.

These nuggets can also be used in fountains, wishing wells, ponds, vases and fish tanks. Coating may come off the metallic nuggets when submersed in water.

Plain Glass Nuggets

These plain nuggets come in SMALL, MEDIUM and LARGE

Small - 1/2" - approx. 170 pieces per bag
Medium - 3/4" - approx. 120 per bag
Large - 1-3/8" - approx. 24 per bag

We only carry these Iridized nuggetts - we have a large volume - but as we sell out, we will discontinue colors.

Iridescent Glass Nuggets

A rainbow of brilliant iridized colors. Available in one size only: 5/8" in diameter. These glass nuggets come packaged in a net bag and have approximately 100 pieces per bag. Color and size may vary.

Please specify color when ordering

 Order #  Description  Color Style Price 
   Iridescent Glass Nuggets Light Blue Transparent $8
   Iridescent Glass Nuggets Dark Blue Transparent $8
   Iridescent Glass Nuggets Green Transparent $8
   Iridescent Glass Nuggets Clear Transparent $8
   Iridescent Glass Nuggets Peach Transparent $8
   Iridescent Glass Nuggets Amber Transparent $8
   Iridescent Glass Nuggets Teal Transparent $8
   Iridescent Glass Nuggets Light Amethyst Transparent $8
   Iridescent Glass Nuggets Red Transparent $8
   Iridescent Glass Nuggets Yellow Transparent $8
   Iridescent Glass Nuggets Light Blue Opaque $8
   Iridescent Glass Nuggets Yellow Opaque $8
   Iridescent Glass Nuggets Green  Opaque $8
   Iridescent Glass Nuggets Red Opaque $8
   Iridescent Glass Nuggets White Opaque $8
   Iridescent Glass Nuggets Black Opaque $8
   Iridescent Glass Nuggets Dark Blue  Opaque $8