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Regulators for
Lampworkers, Glassblowers
Glass Beadmakers

Our regulators are the highest quality
Made in America regulators you can buy.

Watch out, there a lot of cheap regulators coming out of China now.
And I believe our price is the same or close to the Chinese Regulators, so why not buy quality.
regulators for glass lampworking, beadmaking and glassblowingClick Here to see our Regulators and other gas equipment.

Hey - your selling me a regulator for propane that says for Acetylene!

Yes it will work just fine! But be careful, not all Acetylene regulators will work for propane because the rubber in most common Acetylene regulators will rot the rubber parts. But not ours, the internal rubber seals and parts in our regulators are the same good material used in propane regulators. Do not use the regulator for Acetylene if it was ever used with Propane.

Read Below for VERY Important Information.
You could break the regulator the second time you use it and the warranty would be void!

If you do not read and follow the instructions included with the oxygen regulator - you could rip the regulator diaphragm even the first time the regulator is used. This is because the full 2500 psi pressure of a new oxygen tank could smash the diaphragm if not protected. The warranty does not cover this this type use.

  • The Safety of the workplace must be maintained. The work site should be clear of combustible materials, especially oil and grease.
    Never allow gas-oxygen equipment to be contaminated with petroleum-based substances. In the presence of oxygen, these substances can easily ignite and burn violently.
  • Use only compressed Gas Cylinders that are approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT), and follow the instructions and safety procedures provided by your gas cylinder supplier, such as:
      1) Cylinders must in the vertical position when in use and secured from falling.
      2) Keep Cylinder valve protection caps on and valves closed whenever cylinders are not in use.
      3) Locate cylinders away from flames, sparks, and heat sources.
  • Never Use Compressed Gases from cylinders without an approved gas pressure regulator attached to the outlet of the cylinder
  • For Torch Applications, it is recommended that reverse flow check valves or flashback arrestors be installed in the system between the regulator and the torch. Consult your gas cylinder supplier or local governmental agencies for installation and maintenance information.
  • Maintain all equipment and hoses used with pressure regulators to minimize potential leaks.
  • To check your system fittings and joints for leaks, brush on an oxygen compatible leak check solution to look for bubbles.
  • Lampworkers - you probably won't be using Hydrogen - When using Hydrogen Regulators, attach a hose to the threaded relief valve and vent hose to outside. This is an OSHA requirement.

    1. The regulator can only be used with the cylinder connection which matches the cylinder connection provided.
    2. Before attaching the regulator to the cylinder, be sure the cylinder valve connection and regulator connection are free all contaminates, oil, grease, dirt and dust.
    3. Make Sure the regulator adjustment knob is in the full counterclockwise stop position!!! - before turning on the cylinder valve!!!
    4. Attach the regulator to the cylinder valve and tighten securely with a wrench.
    5. Stand to the side of the cylinder, opposite the regulator, when opening the cylinder valve, keeping the cylinder between you and the regulator. (On acetylene cylinders, never open the cylinder calve more then 1 complete turn.) The regulator inlet gauge should indicate the pressure in the cylinder.
    6. Connect outlet of the regulator to the appropriate fitting, which is the "B" Size welding hose connection. (9/16-18 RH thread for oxygen & 9/16-18 LH thread for fuel gases.)
    7. Adjust the regulator outlet pressure by turning the hand knob clockwise to obtain the desired operating pressure setting.
    8. Check for leaks by closing the cylinder valve and monitoring the regulator pressure gauges. If the inlet gauge (high pressure) drops, and the outlet gauge (lo pressure) rises, this indicates an internal leak at the regulator main valve. Consult your distributor or contact factory.
    9. How to check for Leaks and to repair.
      1. If Inlet gauge is dropping, this indicates a leak between the cylinder valve and the regulator main valve. Apply an appropriate leak check solution to all joints (including high pressure gauge joint).
      2. If Outlet gauge is dropping, this indicates a leak from the regulator main valve to the equipment being supplied with gas. Apply an appropriate leak check solution to all joints, including relief valve, low pressure gauge joint and bonnet seal.
      3. If an External regulator leak is found, correct joint/connection leaks by retourquing. If tightening fails, uncouple connection thoroughly clean mating parts and apply appropriate sealing material if needed. (Note: Use only Teflon® tape or other oxygen compatible sealing material on oxygen systems.) Reassemble and retest connection. If leak persists, consult your distributor or contact factory.
    10. When not using the regulator, close the cylinder valve and completely purge the lines of all gas. Turn the regulator hand knob to the full counterclockwise stop position.

  • Regulator Warranties

    Keep your receipt and the instructions.
    Follow all instructions given or you may break the regulator and void the warranty.
    WARNING - The pressure on the output MUST be zero (off) before you turn the main tank valve. If it is not set at zero - you will probably rip the internal diaphragm THE FIRST TIME YOU USE YOUR REGULATOR.

    Regulator Equipment Warranty Policy
    The Manufacturer Warrants to the initial users of products manufactured and sold by Sundance that such products are free from defects in material and workmanship, under normal use and service, for a period of ninety days from the date of installation or 1 year from the date of shipment from the factory, whichever comes first. Within this warranty period, The Manufacturer agrees to replace or repair at the factory in Minnesota, any product found by Sundance or the Manufacturer to have been defective in material or workmanship at no charge to the user. The Manufacturer and Sundance will not pay for or warrant repairs made by anyone other than The Manufacturer's Factory Personnel.
    Sundance and the Manufacturer shall not be liable for consequential or in direct damages to the extent permitted by law. This warranty shall be the exclusive warranty and shall be in lieu of all implied warranties including implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose or Application. This warranty shall not apply to product that has been altered or modified except by The Manufacturer's factory personnel or product which has been damaged by accident, abuse or misuse.

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