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Sandblasting Sand carving Etching and Engraving Class
This class has been indefinitely suspended

Goal of this workshop

This workshop is designed to use sandblasting as a special design technique for fused and slumped glass, glass beads and architectural glass. The techniques learned in this workshop can also be used to etch other materials like ceramic, stone, granite and concrete.

There are several ways to "etch" glass; acid etch, wheel engrave and sandblast. This class will show you how to use sandblasting equipment and abrasive to sandblast (eat) away the glass, even to the point of making a hole through the glass.

There is no other class anywhere offering what we have here. Other classes out there only sand blast on flat clear glass, bottles or plates. We not only do this but take it further by MAKING then blasting our own multicolored layered glass!

sandblast-sandcarve-etching-engraving-class-workshopWe start with simple surface etching and then on to the more dramatic effects of carving and shading. Students will make multi layered colored glass and then on the next day sandblast through the layers to bring out the different colors.

Students will learn how to use unusual resist materials like lace and glue for special effects. Also using and use of computer controlled resist cutting equipment.

All materials for your class projects are provided!

Cost of equipment to sandblast in your studio can be under $100 plus air compressor.

A few of the things we do, show and discuss in this workshop
  • List of Materials you can etch on using the techniques demonstrated in this workshop.
    • Glass - we work with glass in this class
    • Ceramic
    • Stone
    • Concrete
    • Granite
    • Marble
  • Styles of Etching
    • Sandblasting Equipment - most of the work we do in this class is sandblasting
    • Rotary Tool - We demonstrate and allow you to use two different types of wheel engraving
    • Etching Chemical - we use a mild etching chemical in this class
  • Types of Glass Work
    • Fused Glass
    • Glass Beads
    • Architectural Glass
    • Glass Gift items
  • Types of Resist Material
    • Vinyl
    • Rubber
    • Glue
    • Lace
    • Metal
    • Plastic
    • Cloth
  • Types of Glass to Etch on
    • Using Coated glass like Iridized or Dichroic
    • Using Crystal Clear Glass
    • Using And making layered or flashed glass
    • Other special coating you will see in class
  • Fabrication - We show you the 4 ways to etch glass (most other classes say there is 3 - they apparently don't there is a fourth method.)
    • Surface Stencil Etching
    • Shading
    • Carving
    • Fourth Method
We make layered, flashed glass and then sandblast into it for different effects.


Sundance provides:

    • Space
    • Equipment
    • Knowledge
    • Inspiration
    • Materials for class projects

What you provide:

    • Ideas
    • Initiative
    • Motivation
    • Artistic Talent

What to bring:

    • Work clothes. Expect to get dirty. Cool clothes, it often gets warm.
    • No open toes shoes (sandals)
    • No overly loose clothing.
    • No loose hair, tie it back. Maybe bring a hat.
    • We have gloves and safety glass, but if you have your own that you are used to, bring them.
    • Water

Projects you have the opportunity to make in class.

Check out this amazing list. This is fast paced intensive workshop.
There is no other class in the world teaching this intensive and extensive list of techniques.

    Fridays Projects
  • stencil style surface blast project
  • chemical etch project
  • premade mask project
  • diamond engraving project
      Friday Kiln Firings
    • Make fused layered Blank using crushed glass for Sundays Project
    • Make Iridized Blank for tomorrows etching.
    • Make a layered Blank using minerals for Saturdays Etching
    Saturdays Projects
  • Premade European Flashed Glass
  • Etching on the layered project we fired last night in the kiln
  • The Shading Project
  • Etching the Mineral layered blank we fired last night
  • Coloring Etched Surfaces Project
  • The Carving Project
    • Saturday Night Kiln Firings
    • Continue adding layers to crushed glass project for Sundays Project
    • Make multiple thin layered Blank for tomorrows etching.
    • Make a Patterned layered surface - WOW
    • Make a special layered Blank for tomorrows Etching (got to take the class to see this one)
    Sundays Projects
  • Carving in the layered blank you made last night
  • Carving in the second layered blank you made last night
  • Carving in the third layered blank you made last night
  • Carving in the forth layered blank you made last night
  • Large Wheel Engraved Project
  • Combination Etched Project
That's 16 projects you could make. Not that you would want to do every project - you can pick and choose. We can not guarantee you can complete every project we present - to finish all of the projects - you must control yourself and do simple designs to get through all the work.

Our Workshop and Equipment

    • We have a great teaching studio - lots of room to work on your projects.
    • The only equipment we need is the sandblasters.
Workshop Taught by Brian Helgerson

Time and Tuition


  • To be Scheduled


  • Friday, from 10 PM to 5 PM
  • Saturday, from 10 to 5 PM
  • Sunday, from 9 to 3 PM


  • $550

Sign up:

To sign up, call us at  888-446-8452
Or to add your name to our interest list (you will be kept up to date on this class announcements)

Deposit, Refund and Cancellation Policy:

Click Here to see our deposit, refund and cancellation policy.

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sandblast-sandcarve-etching-engraving-class-workshop sandblast-sandcarve-etching-engraving-class-workshop
sandblast-sandcarve-etching-engraving-class-workshop sandblast-sandcarve-etching-engraving-class-workshop
sandblast-sandcarve-etching-engraving-class-workshop sandblast-sandcarve-etching-engraving-class-workshop
sandblast-sandcarve-etching-engraving-class-workshop sandblast-sandcarve-etching-engraving-class-workshop

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