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Diamond Glass Saws

Diamond Ring Saw Glass Cutter

Glass Art Glass Art Glass Art Glass Art

Taurus 3
by Gemini Saw Company

Taurus Saw Taurus 3 Statistics
  • 17 3/4" x 16" work surface.
  • 5 5/8" throat depth.
  • 1 1/2" throat height.
  • 1/5 horse power motor.
  • 110 volt or 220 volt (w/ internal transformer) capacity. 1.3-1.7 amps
  • 1 Standard Ring Blade (installed).
  • Integrated spot light.
  • Removable face shield.
  • 1 Stabilizer Foot
  • 1 Instructional DVD as well as a written instruction manual.
taurus saw open
taurus saw hand held Handheld Unit
The Taurus 3 is shipped with all of the components to use it as a hand held saw already attached.
  • Bottom door ( soak bottom door in water before using to lubricate blade).
  • Thumb screw.
  • Bottom door clip.

Taurus lll - No longer available

Order# Description Price
TU-18 Standard Replacement Blade $79
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TU-19 Separating Blade
Separating ring blade. With the Taurus Saw it is possible to cut holes in glass. Full instructions are supplied with the blade.
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TU-20 Slim Blade $79
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TU-21 Megablade
Incredible, optional Megablade cuts thicker plate glass, fused glass, pattern bars, and tile faster.
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TU-28 Slicer Blade $89
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TU-32 Dicro Blade
For cutting dichroic glass. A fine diamond grit that will not chip the delicate dichroic finish. Also works well with iridescent coated glass to form intricate shapes with perfect edges.
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Cuts amazing shapes!

There are diamonds all around the blade not just on the edge. Wherever your material touches, front, back, left or right (360 degrees), it cuts. You will be able to cut all shapes faster with total precision.

leaving a smooth edge that requires little or no finish grinding. No need to cut out a larger piece and then cut and grind it down to your final shape. Your work will look professional and you will save a lot of time and material.

Designed so that the water is deposited around the entire blade continuously. The water stays around the blade and will not fly off into your face or the surrounding area. The result is a cooler, longer lasting blade. The blade will not load up on glass, rock, soft metals and plastic. The debris from your cutting is suspended in the water that goes into the reservoir, leaving you a clean work surface.

Safe for adults and children. The diamond ring blade is amazing in that it does not cut your skin but will cut almost anything else.

than other diamond coated band saw blades and costs less. The continuous cooling of the ring blade and heavy duty seamless construction lets you use all 360 degrees of the blade for cutting, not just one edge, giving you four times the life of other diamond blades.

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